Les Accidens de l'Homme, Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve

adam et eue trangresserent ·
ledict de la diuinite
Lors sur eux pouoir me donnerent ·
Et dessus leur posterite ·

Adam and Eve broke
the rule given by the divinity.
Thereby they gave me power over them
and over their descendants.

Les loups rauissans.
Vie de l'Homme.
Hardouyn, Adam & Eve

The power of Death over humanity goes all the way back to Adam and Eve and the Original Sin, like it does in Mors de la Pomme.

The woodcut to the left was used again but without Death.

In some of his books of hours, Hardouyn featured an annunciation scene with Adam and Eve in the background looking very much like the scene to the right. Eve is a type of Mary, as Adam is a type of Jesus.