Les Accidens de l'Homme, Death



Par mon nom suis apellee mort ·
ennemie des humains
Le riche le poure floible ou fort ·
occis quant metz sur luy les mains ·

By my name I am called Death,
men’s enemy.
The rich man, the poor man, weak or strong –
I kill him when I put my hands on him.

Les loups rauissans.
Vie de l'Homme.
Hardouyn, Death

The series starts like "Les loups rauissans" and "La Vie de l'Homme" with Death sitting on a coffin in a cemetery, with hoe, shovel and a giant dart.

Death boasts of how he (or perhaps rather "she", since the text is in French), is man's ancient and invincible enemy.

The difference is that in "Loups" the action is immediately taken over by a creature named "Accident", while Death has the main role in the other two works. However, the difference is negligible, as Death and Accident look more or less the same.