Lübeck's Dance of Death

Dødedantz (1634), Part 1


The Dance of Death translated/
Quite useful for Young and Old:
In which to view and see the wretchedness of
this World and the terribleness of Death: And
out of this in their Prime to learn to live
right/ and to die well.
Also the description in this Book can be used in
a Play(1)/ both for Unlearned and Learned/ for Noble
and Unnoble/ Poor and Rich/ etc.

Please buy this book!

To the Reader:

Gentle Reader buy me now/
Death's remembrance I shall teach you.

Printed in Copenhagen/ the Year 1634

Dødedantz, Part 1, Click to see the original page.
Dødedantz, Part 1, Click to see the page

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Footnotes: (1)

used as a play: Here is confirmation for the claims of Meyer, namely that Copenhagen's Dance of Death was meant to be performed as a play

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