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Navn: Ryan
Land: USA
Tidspunkt: Sat 19/May/2018 5:11:28

Excellent site!! Thank you so much for doing this. I'm doing research on the book of Job, and you have some valuable findings.

Navn: dubravka miletic
Land: Croatia
Tidspunkt: Sat 10/Mar/2018 17:52:49

Thank you, Martin Hagstrøm

Navn: Alyssa K. S.
Land: United States
Tidspunkt: Sat 2/Dec/2017 0:32:53

Navn: kim
Tidspunkt: Mon 6/Nov/2017 23:01:17

billede i farver

Navn: Sadie Powell
Land: USA
Tidspunkt: Tue 17/Oct/2017 21:59:38

Wonderful resource. I'm using the info and pictures for my blog on medieval Europe. I will be sure to give credit to the great author of this site!

Navn: Wang Wen
Land: China
Tidspunkt: Sun 10/Sep/2017 6:36:11

Thank you, sir. What stunning pictures! I am writting my dissertaion on Danse Macabre in the Middle English Lyrics. Your webste is a great treasure for me.

Navn: Louis McLaughlin
Land: United States
Tidspunkt: Wed 16/Aug/2017 18:15:47

Dear Martin, thank you for this great website. What a resource! I stumbled in looking for information on Lydgate's "Dance of Death," and was stunned by what you've put together. Thank you for providing the whole text (and manuscript variants) of the EETS edition of Lydgate's poem, complete with so many manuscript images (and links to them). Your great work is highly appreciated.

Navn: Vodnar
Land: Slovenia
Tidspunkt: Tue 13/Jun/2017 17:09:32

Nice page. Found it by chance searching for Luebeck. And it reminded me of Slovenian late-medieval Danse Macabre fresco from Hrastovlje (dated 1490). More info found here; (in english) and - sorry, no translation (I can translate it if you wish).

Kind regards!

Hi Vodnar

The dance in Hrastovlje is quite famous. I activated your links.

Best regards

Navn: Kalinda
Land: United States
Tidspunkt: Mon 3/Apr/2017 1:35:01

Thank you for this wonderful compendium on the Danse Macabre! I found it through Wikipedia and its images, in particular, are quite stunning.

Navn: Dominik
Land: Czech Republic
Tidspunkt: Tue 28/Mar/2017 20:21:17

Dear Martin, thank you for your work and time.

Navn: Nicanor Cuevas Cabrera
Land: Argentina
Tidspunkt: Mon 5/Dec/2016 3:17:31

Such an incredible webpage! So much to wonder about and investigate. Great great job. Thank you so much!

Navn: Gregory Rose
Land: England
Tidspunkt: Thu 3/Nov/2016 16:09:44

This site is fantastic! It is informative, scholarly and downright fascinating. Huge congratulations to Martin. I couldn't have written my 'Danse macabre' without your help and inspiration.

Navn: Stephan Charles Moore
Land: Switzerland
Tidspunkt: Sat 10/Sep/2016 6:52:55

So Cool. Such a wonderful source of information and clever work. well done.

Navn: Jay Kang
Land: South Korea
Tidspunkt: Fri 5/Aug/2016 4:42:06

Thanks for all great images posted on your website.
It has helped me a lot to understand about the contemporary cults to the Death in western side.

btw, I have tried to reach you via e-mail many times, but It keeps rejected somehow.

So, are you still there???? if so, how do I contact you? I have personal questions!!

Hi Jay

Sorry for not answering sooner. I have just returned from Berlin (although I didn't visit the dance of death in St. Mary's this year).

That's odd. My Gmail-address is on my contacts page. I just tried it, and it works fine. I assume you remember to remove the parenthesis and spaces (or that you simply click the link). What kind of error message do you get?

Navn: Andrea
Land: italy
Tidspunkt: Sun 27/Dec/2015 17:37:30

sono interessato a queste xilografie
dove posso trovare copie cartacee?
aspetto vostre notizie

cordiali saluti

Hi Andrea

Personally I prefer to have the images on my PC. Paper tends to pile up on my table along with all those books I have to read someday.

If you want paper copies, I guess you'll have to print them out yourself. :-)

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