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Navn: erika mordek
Tidspunkt: Wed 11/Sep/2019 9:01:42

I have found dance of death alphabet by holbein which you mention that you have not found:
A,I H L N M Z in D. Dionysii Carthvsiani Enarrationes piae ac ervditve in dvodecim prophetas (qvos vocant) minores printed 1549 by Quentell. Bib ID 2270026 from
rom their catalogue.
if you wait a day or so I will upload them to my Flickr account
I would like to ask you questions about a certain tailpiece. in another message. thanks erika

Hi Erika

That sounds interesting, but I'm not sure where I say that I'm looking for a particular edition by Quentel. Is it the same book as this one? Enarrationes Piae Ac Ervditae In Dvodecim Prophetas (Qvos Vocant) Minores ... longè politiùs ac diligentiùs ... quàm priùs edita Coloniae: Quentel, 1549

You're welcome to ask questions here, but you can also write me at martinhagstrm (at-sign)

Navn: S C M Spain
Land: Spain
Tidspunkt: Thu 11/Jul/2019 21:40:10

Congrats. Wonderful web

Navn: Stephanie Curran
Land: United Kingdom
Tidspunkt: Mon 8/Jul/2019 12:53:29

This is really useful.

Navn: M. Weber
Land: USA
Tidspunkt: Wed 26/Jun/2019 18:42:58

Thank you for this web page! I found it on accident and I was hooked on each page. Thank you for all the research, it was fascinating to read!

Navn: javier sanz garcia
Land: España
Tidspunkt: Thu 14/Mar/2019 23:11:30

Le felicito por su trabajo. Una hermosa muestra de
erudición y trabajo.

Navn: Daniel JC Brown
Land: US
Tidspunkt: Wed 13/Mar/2019 16:48:02

wonderful job. interesting. I want to see andeknow more. Perhaps related to the celestial pale bleu apples chapel with the stained glass and the sha of iran. And a vwery rare inheritance?

Navn: Didier Jugan
Land: France
Tidspunkt: Fri 1/Mar/2019 0:35:40

Thank you very much for your very interested website.
I would like to inform you that our association Danses Macabres d'Europe organises a Congress about Dance of death at Paris next month (19-24 march 2019) and the proceedings of this Congress is already Under subscription. All informations by google with the key words : "bibliothèque Mazarine congrès de Danses macabres d'Europe" or by writing me at my E-mail address
Didier Jugan

Navn: Natalie Gustafson
Land: United States
Tidspunkt: Wed 5/Sep/2018 3:21:33

Very, very helpful for a project on early illustrators for art school!! Thanks so much!!!!

Navn: Zach
Land: USA
Tidspunkt: Sun 5/Aug/2018 22:10:39

Remarkable site, i plan to get much of the Lubeck mural tattooed onto me and will be using images as reference.

Navn: Adam Wagner
Land: Danmark
Tidspunkt: Fri 25/May/2018 21:50:20

En meget fin side; grundig og informativ. Den har jeg haft stor glæde af. Tak for det.

Navn: Ryan
Land: USA
Tidspunkt: Sat 19/May/2018 5:11:28

Excellent site!! Thank you so much for doing this. I'm doing research on the book of Job, and you have some valuable findings.

Navn: dubravka miletic
Land: Croatia
Tidspunkt: Sat 10/Mar/2018 17:52:49

Thank you, Martin Hagstrøm

Navn: Alyssa K. S.
Land: United States
Tidspunkt: Sat 2/Dec/2017 0:32:53

Navn: kim
Tidspunkt: Mon 6/Nov/2017 23:01:17

billede i farver

Navn: Sadie Powell
Land: USA
Tidspunkt: Tue 17/Oct/2017 21:59:38

Wonderful resource. I'm using the info and pictures for my blog on medieval Europe. I will be sure to give credit to the great author of this site!

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