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Navn: S C M Spain
Land: Spain
Tidspunkt: Thu 11/Jul/2019 21:40:10

Congrats. Wonderful web

Navn: Stephanie Curran
Land: United Kingdom
Tidspunkt: Mon 8/Jul/2019 12:53:29

This is really useful.

Navn: M. Weber
Land: USA
Tidspunkt: Wed 26/Jun/2019 18:42:58

Thank you for this web page! I found it on accident and I was hooked on each page. Thank you for all the research, it was fascinating to read!

Navn: javier sanz garcia
Land: España
Tidspunkt: Thu 14/Mar/2019 23:11:30

Le felicito por su trabajo. Una hermosa muestra de
erudición y trabajo.

Navn: Daniel JC Brown
Land: US
Tidspunkt: Wed 13/Mar/2019 16:48:02

wonderful job. interesting. I want to see andeknow more. Perhaps related to the celestial pale bleu apples chapel with the stained glass and the sha of iran. And a vwery rare inheritance?

Navn: Didier Jugan
Land: France
Tidspunkt: Fri 1/Mar/2019 0:35:40

Thank you very much for your very interested website.
I would like to inform you that our association Danses Macabres d'Europe organises a Congress about Dance of death at Paris next month (19-24 march 2019) and the proceedings of this Congress is already Under subscription. All informations by google with the key words : "bibliothèque Mazarine congrès de Danses macabres d'Europe" or by writing me at my E-mail address
Didier Jugan

Navn: Natalie Gustafson
Land: United States
Tidspunkt: Wed 5/Sep/2018 3:21:33

Very, very helpful for a project on early illustrators for art school!! Thanks so much!!!!

Navn: Zach
Land: USA
Tidspunkt: Sun 5/Aug/2018 22:10:39

Remarkable site, i plan to get much of the Lubeck mural tattooed onto me and will be using images as reference.

Navn: Adam Wagner
Land: Danmark
Tidspunkt: Fri 25/May/2018 21:50:20

En meget fin side; grundig og informativ. Den har jeg haft stor glæde af. Tak for det.

Navn: Ryan
Land: USA
Tidspunkt: Sat 19/May/2018 5:11:28

Excellent site!! Thank you so much for doing this. I'm doing research on the book of Job, and you have some valuable findings.

Navn: dubravka miletic
Land: Croatia
Tidspunkt: Sat 10/Mar/2018 17:52:49

Thank you, Martin Hagstrøm

Navn: Alyssa K. S.
Land: United States
Tidspunkt: Sat 2/Dec/2017 0:32:53

Navn: kim
Tidspunkt: Mon 6/Nov/2017 23:01:17

billede i farver

Navn: Sadie Powell
Land: USA
Tidspunkt: Tue 17/Oct/2017 21:59:38

Wonderful resource. I'm using the info and pictures for my blog on medieval Europe. I will be sure to give credit to the great author of this site!

Navn: Wang Wen
Land: China
Tidspunkt: Sun 10/Sep/2017 6:36:11

Thank you, sir. What stunning pictures! I am writting my dissertaion on Danse Macabre in the Middle English Lyrics. Your webste is a great treasure for me.

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